Angeles Penche’s gallery opened, first, in Majadahonda (Madrid) in March 1992. Later, in May 1998, it moved to Monte Esquinza Street, where it is nowadays.
The exhibition space has 250 m2 and it is jointed in two levels. Level 1 welcomes, through its five rooms, individual exhibitions of emerging artists, which approximate duration is one month. Level 2 exhibits, in two of its three rooms, a permanent collective exhibition with the gallery’s background, composed of painting and sculpture from the 20th century and historical vanguards; leaving the third room for the works of the artist Vela Zanetti.
This year 2014, the gallery has carried out the 10th emerging artists sample. Angeles Penche carries out this exhibition, every July from year 2002, to help young painters and sculptors to get them to know in the current artistic scene.